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Optima 510 thread battery for vape pen

Many vehicles will work with a RedTop Optima battery with a powerful 5-second starting burst for the primary function of starting a motor. Just after ignition, the vehicles alternator will constantly monitor how much charge remains in the RedTop battery and if to provide top-up battery recharging power.

Samples of some which would use this kind of battery would be heavy equipment, diesel-powered, hot rods, RV and automotive. But what if my vehicle does not have an alternator or requires the use of higher electrical loads?

In cases like this, it could be best to then use a YellowTop Optima battery as it can have a greater discharge cycle set alongside the RedTop batteries. Thus making it suited to drag/racing cars, electric autos, snowplows, as well as a great many other aftermarket vehicle accessories such as for instance GPS, chargers, fridges, winches, hydraulics, inverter systems, and specialized audio/video installations which require greater than 250 watts more power above that of the vehicles original equipment spec.

I heard that the BlueTop Optima battery must be employed for deep cycling applications. That is true for the light greyed BlueTop cases, however, there’s a definite difference involving the YellowTop and BlueTop deep cycle batteries in that the BlueTop deep cycle batteries have 2 sets of posts – automotive (SAE) and threaded, whilst the YellowTop batteries excluding model D31T only have SAE posts.

An added feature of the dual-purpose light greyed BlueTop batteries is that they likewise have a very high cranking power making them suitable for starting applications as well. Types of where this sort of Optima battery can be used are with trolling motors and marine/RV applications where excessive electrical energy is required.

It ought to be noted that when a marine/RV application requires only the utilization of the starting feature of a BlueTop battery then it will be best to use a BlueTop battery with a dark grey case since it has been specifically manufactured for this function alone.

Ignore all the principal colored Optima battery top details, just give me the facts?

Use dark gray casing batteries for starting applications only and light gray cased deep cycle batteries for dual purpose operations.

It is very important to consider that the deep cycle application will most likely lead to discharging a battery between 60% and 70% of its capacity 510 vape battery whereas an SLI (starting /lighting/ignition) battery is designed to push out maximum power for a short span discharging between 1% and 3%. It’s therefore not advisable to utilize an SLI battery for deep cycling applications as its battery life is likely to be shortened depending on how regularly it is deep cycled.

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